Sunday, May 10, 2009

Papua New Guinea Artifacts

I was helping my Dad at my parents house the other day, and went into my old bedroom where too many of my old belongings still remain. One of the things that stood out where all the things my brother has sent me from Papua New Guinea, where he currently lives...thought I'd share a few of them...

The one below is one of my favorite birthday presents EVER. During his first stay in the country ten some odd years ago, he found a New Guinea artist and asked if he'd paint his interpretation of The Simpsons. My brother showed him a picture, but he didn't need one--he knew who The Simpsons were! The man had no TV (or electricity for that matter) and yet somehow managed to know the show.

The next painting is a New Guinea interpretation of Noah's ark; I don't know if it's the same artist or not.

For the life of me, I never did figure out what this next thing is, and my brother never bothered to explain it.
Really isn't all too sharp for a cutting tool...
Believe it or not this is what straps onto the men's...member...during native dances.  It sort of looks like a primitive form of birth control...I'd really hate to be on the receiving end of that about a wicked splinter!

He sent it home one year as a Christmas gift to all the males in my family; my Grandma has a picture somewhere of several of my cousins, myself and my Grandpa wearing it...over are clothes of course.
Hand carved decoration of a creepy looking headhunter.

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