Monday, October 29, 2007

How It All Goes Down

So what exactly happens when you publish a book? Maybe you don't care, and if you don't then skip this, but if you have always wanted to know, then here's a timeline of my life this year.

January: Sold book to Carroll & Graf

March: Contracts are finally signed and I have until August to complete the book.

May: Carroll & Graf becomes part of the Perseus Book Group and then ceases to exist; the book becomes the property of Da Capo Books.

July: First draft is complete and sent to my editor.

August: Editing begins and is complete.

September: Book is sent out to be copyedited.

October: Copyedits sent. This is my last chance to make any major changes to the book. I just sent my copyedits in.

So what happens next?

November: I get back the typeset proof copies. This is a raw look at how the book will look. It is my last chance to correct minor things (mainly typos)

December: Proofs are sent out to reviewers.

That ends this year. How is 08 shaping out?

January: The Book goes to print.

March: The book is ready for sale, and is sent to booksellers across the country.

April: The book is officially released, and I begin a campaign to promote it.

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