Monday, June 9, 2008

Library Themed Wedding - Part 1 of 2

Here, at last, are some of the wedding pictures from Diana & I's wedding. If you use any of the pictures on a blog or in a magazine, please be nice and give credit to Jack Rodriguez, our wedding photographer. I'll have more pictures up tomorrow...

I wouldn't say our wedding was library-themed like our invites, but it did have many library elements. Below is one of the 30+ tables; each table was named after a writer that Diana & I like; it had a book by that writer, a framed picture of that writer, and a library card with the writers picture on it; every seat also had a book-themed crossword puzzle.

Our table was the Charles of Diana's favorite authors.

We didn't have a guestbook; instead we had small pieces of paper for guest to write notes to us on; these were stuff inside due date slips, and put in a small suitcase.

We originally wanted to do some kind of cake in the shape of a book, but it got too complicated; this one came out much prettier! I heard it tasted good, but we didn't actually eat it :( Diana is allergic to gluten, and we had a special smaller cake, which, while not pretty to look at, was quite good.

All pictures (C) Jack Rodriguez. All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

Hi --

The theme is a great idea. The decor was so appropriate and the cake looks very pretty -- almost too pretty to eat.

I wish luck and congrats on getting married.

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Anonymous said...

What a clever and original idea! May you have many happy years and many favorite authors to enjoy!

Emy Augustus said...

I like! Much better than Disney themed weddings. ;)